Prevalence and risk factors for Trichomonas foetus infection in cattle in northeastern Costa Rica artículo Académico uri icon


  • Two studies (one pilot and one cross-sectional) were conducted in the two main livestock-rearing areas of Costa Rica using an improved method (In-Pouch TF) for the detection of Trichomonas foetus infection in bulls. Herd prevalence rates of 6.7% ( 6 98) and 15.9% ( 10 63), and bull prevalence rates of 3.9% ( 6 153) and 6.2% ( 14 225) were found in the pilot and cross-sectional studies, respectively. Adjusted prevalences in the cross-sectional study were 18.4% and 7.2% for aarms and bulls, respectively. Breed (Bos taurus) and age (over 4 years) were the main risk factors identified using random-effects logistics regression. The nature of the disease and the high prevalence indicated that trichomoniasis could have a serious economic impact on cattle production in Costa Rica. © 1992.

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  • 1992